9 inch TFT LCD display RS232 interface intelligent TFT LCD module

-          Standard RS232-C communication interface-          Reliable packet protocol ensure reliable communication-          Host data could be accepted at any moment-    &n

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-          Standard RS232-C communication interface
-          Reliable packet protocol ensure reliable communication
-          Host data could be accepted at any moment
-          Free the host form interface response and handling
-          Direct connect the USB terminal to PC for development
-          USB thumb drive with OTG cable can be used for data preload in production stage (options)
-          256Mbyte Flash (vary by model) for interface pictures preload (more than300pictures(800x480))
Product NameSmart TFT module
Model No.HMT090ATA-C
Number of dots800(RGB) x 480
Outline Dimension(mm)226.9 x 126.9 x 16.8
Active Area(mm)198 x 111.69
Power supply12V
Touch panelRTP
Operating Temp  -20º C~70º C
Storage Temp  -30º C~80º C

9 Inch TFT LCD Display RS232 Interface Smart TFT LCD Display Module

9 Inch TFT LCD Display RS232 Interface Smart TFT LCD Display Module

TOPWAY Smart TFT LCD Module,called Smart LCD for short.
TOPWAY's Smart LCDs embed a display engine and a versatile range of TFT display sizes and Touch-panels to support a wide range of industrial and instrumentation applications.
The pre-loaded User Interface(UI) reduces the host system's workload and provides a much faster interaction with the user.UI designs are implemented under usage of TOPWAY's Graphics Editor allowing designs with zero coding. It dramatically simplifies and speeds up the whole product design process.
Product features:
-High Brightness LEDs Backlight
-Industrial Resistive/Capacitive Touch Panel
-256M Byte high speed flash
-Operating Temperature:-20~+70ºC
Major Models:
SizeTOPWAY ModelInterfaceSpecification
3.5''HMT035ATA-CRS2323.5'' TFT ,320x240
4.3''HMT043ATA-CRS2324.3'' TFT ,480x272
4.3''HKT043ATA-CRS2324.3'' TFT ,480x272, with housing
5.0''HMT050ATA-CRS2325.0'' TFT, 800x480
5.0''HKT050ATA-CRS2325.0'' TFT, 800x480, with housing
7.0''HMT070ATA-1CRS2327.0'' TFT ,800x480
7.0''HKT070DTA-1CRS2327.0'' TFT, 800x480, with housing
8.0''HMT080ATA-CRS2328.0'' TFT, 800x600
8.0''HKT080ATA-CRS2328.0'' TFT ,800x600, with housing
9.0''HMT090ATA-CRS2329.0'' TFT ,800x480
10.4''HMT104ATA-CRS23210.4'' TFT, 800x600

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